After Sexual Harassments US Warns Its Female Tourists Against Colombo Trishaw Drivers

sri-lanka-Tours-by-tuk-tuk- Time Sri Lanka
sri-lanka-Tours-by-tuk-tuk- Time Sri Lanka

The US embassy in Sri Lanka has warned its tourists who come to Sri Lanka to avoid traveling by trishaws alone, following several sexual disturbance complaints.

The embassy posted the message on its own website warned their female tourists against Sri Lankan trishaw drivers.

The statements mention, “The trishaw drivers in the Colombo city are irrelevantly touching female passengers. Especially at night, if you should travel alone, utilize the company vehicles that track your journey and make sure either your friends or family members know your journey”

Also, the US embassy pointed out that such incidents occurring at the end of the ride. Therefore the embassy advised their tourists to take a picture of the driver and the number plate, before getting into the trishaws.


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