The Monk Visits King Ravana’s Cave

Monk Visits Ravana Cave

Monk Visits Ravana Cave

A monk stated on his Facebook page about his visit to the ancient palace of King Ravana.

He has mentioned that he visited Nilthiya Pokkuna which is located approximately under 3000 ft from the land. He has expressed his travel experience as follows.

The tunnel to Nilthiya Pokkuna is located in the middle of the jungle.

After about 30 ft there is a small room. Then when passing about 500m you can find an uninterrupted hallway with good accommodations.

Then after 700 to 800 ft, you see a forum of speaking. And from a part of that place, you will hear a sound of a dripping waterfall. Then 1500 ft from there you will find a crystal clear blue. This water has never seen sunlight. The mysterious part is no one knows where this water is coming from.

As further movement seems dangerous the monk returned back, he said.

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