Shocking gesture by Dhanush! : Video is out now….

Dhanush interview walkout 

Dhanush interview walkout

Dhanush is currently busy promoting his upcoming Tamil-Telugu film Vellai Illa Pattadhari 2 aka VIP 2 across the country.

He walked out of a television interview recently after he was asked questions related to Suchi leaks that shook the Tamil film industry earlier this year.

A promo video of Dhanush’s interview to TV 9 Telugu, shows the actor being caught off-guard after the interviewer turned the subject to Suchi leaks and speculations about the alleged problems in his family.

The interviewer first asks Dhanush to share his thoughts on the latest drug scandal that has hit the Telugu film industry. Later she veers the conversation towards Suchi leaks and his family. “The kind of mental agony you have undergone,” asks the interviewer.

“Who said I went through mental agony,” pat came the counter response from Dhanush. He gets more shocked when the interviewer mentions about “allegations”, “videos”. It’s quite clear that the interviewer was referring to Suchi leaks.

And then came a question about his family. The interviewer asked whether his “family life was at stake?” That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. A baffled Dhanush repeated the question and said, “This is a very stupid interview,” before storming out of the interview.

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