Shocking revelations on Big Boss Oviya


Big Boss Oviya

The support for actress Oviya in Big Boss Tamil reality show is breaking all boundaries and spreading across the state. Everyone from commoners to celebrities are expressing their love and admiration for Oviya as they are pretty impressed with her straight forward behaviour in the reality show.

Now director Seenu Ramasamy who gave the critically acclaimed super hit

‘Dharmadurai’ last year has said Oviya is an inspiration for him,. He has also revealed that one of Oviya’s parents is affected by the Cancer disease.

In his Tamil tweet, the ‘Neerparavai’ director said “I remember once Oviya told me that her father or mother is suffering from cancer. I don’t know whether he/she is still there. Oviya’s morale is an inspiration for me.”

In another tweet the director said “Should a creator be inspired only by Bharathi, Tagore and Gorgy. Even a woman, a co-human being can be an inspiration dude. Cool”.

It is to be noted that Seenu Ramasamy’s ‘Thenmerku Paruvakaatru’ won the National Award for Best Tamil film.


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Big Boss Oviya


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