Bigg Boss Replaces Oviya – Independence Day Treat For Fans

Bigg Boss Replaces Oviya

Bigg Boss Replaces Oviya

Bigg Boss Show was full of entertainment when Tamil Nadu’s darling Oviya was there inside the Bogg Boss house for last two months.

Now the Bigg Boss show is similar to a movie with no HERO and as well as the  VILLIAN. Besides this show is now being neglected by its fans.

Therefore, in order to even the exit of Oviya and Julie, the Bigg Boss is planning to bring down a star inside its house on the Independence Day, Aug 15. Whether it is a male or female celebrity is the suspense.

Raiza, Gayathri and Bindhu Madhavi are the only female contestants remaining inside Bigg Boss house.

In this situation, the question is, would the new comer create the hyper again…

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