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Oothuchenai Village Resembles Somalia

6 days ago

Oothuchenai Village-Arisen Poverty

While a section of the society are languishing in poverty and fighting for their lives another group of the society lead a luxury life by misappropriating the funds by millions that are allocated for the development purposes.

For the past many years Batticaloa district lies ahead in poverty and in the Eastern Province, it is placed first while considering nationally it is placed fourth.

As per the official count of the census assessment board in 2005 the poverty index of Batticaloa was at the ratio of 10.60 percent while the national poverty in Sri Lanka was 28.8 percent.

While in 2005 the ratio of poverty in Batticaloa has risen to  19.2 percent while national poverty has decreased to 06.70 percent.

Even after 10 years the poverty ratio percentage in Batticaloa District have increased and it has not decreased at all but the national poverty ratio during the same period in Sri Lanka it has declined considerably.

While the poverty ratio has decreased nationally what is the root cause and who is responsible for the increase of poverty in this region?

For the past five years even after funds being allocated by millions for the Batticaloa District but still, no changes have been found.

Ooththusenai and Vadamunai, Grama Niladhari Divisions (GND) are recorded as most destitute GND at Batticaloa.

Wavunatheevu village is also has been registered as a destitute area, and no steps whatsoever have been taken by the poverty elevation officials.

Pictures depict some families collecting stones for their livelihood by the road sides in between Vakarai and Kathiraveli.

From those photographs, one can find small children, grown ups and including disabled persons all members of the same family collecting crust stones on the parched land.

This is worse than Somalia and what is the cause for this?

All the government Institutions in Batticaloa conduct seminars, training courses and studies in air conditioned auditoria,  using poverty as an investment and receive millions of Rupees.

But none of those projects is implemented successfully.

Similarly next year too they may organise such programs and by doing so the officers including the organisers of these programmes swindle Millions of Rupees.

A gathering which pinched off 50 Million!

Will you believe that for the preparation and publishing a  document regarding  5-year development project in  Batticaloa by the funds allocated by the UNDP, cost 50 Million Rupees, and yet still this document was full of errors too.

A Vice Chancellor and to those involved in the preparation of this project has been paid Rupees 27000/- per hour and more than Rupees One Lack has been spent for a single meeting.

Rupees 20 Million have been spent for Conducting Meetings, Lectures and Studies and for those who are closely associated with the District Secretariat were too paid well and the balance 30 Million Rupees has been paid to the members of the planning committee it has been revealed.

But all the 14 Divisional Secretaries of the district were unaware regarding the preparation of this project. They were invited for the publishing only and one questions of what quality these projects would be.

One could observe that this five-year project was prepared in a hurry. Lots of printing errors were found also the designations of certain Officers too were misinterpreted.

Apart from the above, funds are being increased yearly, but not a single project that could be implemented for the benefit of the public could be found in that book.

One who reads that booklet will understand that all in all the District Secretariat has acted only to receive the 50 Million Rupees granted by the UNDP.Other districts have spent less for the preparation of similar projects.

Especially in the Jaffna District for the preparation of similar projects, the Lecturers of the Universities there put forward several proposals free of charge and after consulting the opinions and ideas of those concerned only this five-year plan was prepared with a minimal cost. Then the question arises why in Batticaloa alone the socially concerned intellectuals spend this colossal amount of money.

All in all not only in five years but many more years to come until a society that exists to  money on the pretext of poverty and poverty will never be eradicated ever from Batticaloa.

Keywords: Oothuchenai Village-Arisen Poverty, Somalia, Batticaloa, Grama Niladhari Divisions, Index

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