“Destruction Of The World Will Occur In September” – Mathematician David Miday


destruction of the world

There are so many predictions foretold by many scientists regarding the destruction of the world and later on those theories are proved to be false and the present day generation considers this to be a normal occurrence.

However, some people are with the belief that still the predictions of a few scientists may always never be incorrect.

In such a situation, now a well-known Mathematician  David  Miday has predicted that humans can exist in the world only until the month of August and the destruction of the world will occur in September and this has created an uproar among the nations.

David Miday who is an American is an expert in predicting the events of the future accurately by numerical calculations and by comparing events that take place in the world with the Holy Bible of the Christians.

David Miday after a recent research predicted that August will be the final month for all the human beings and the destruction of the world will take place in September and many are awestruck by these revelations.

A solar eclipse occurs on the 21st of August and there is a close interaction to the destruction of the world he says.

There are indications for the  Meteorite Niburu that may at any time in August descend from outer space and explode after colliding with the planet earth and this catastrophe is preceded by the solar eclipse.

As written in the Bible and because of the of the Solar Eclypse most part of the world will be covered by darkness and the moon will be called the dark moon. He explains some indications for the end of the world.

Solar Eclypse takes place every 33 months. Elohi the name of the God of Christians is mentioned 33 times in the Bible.This Solar Eclypse appears at the Lincoln beach of the Oregan State in the United States and the Oregan State is the 33rd State of the US.

Similarly, a total Solar Eclypse took place in 1918. That is 99 years ago. If 33 is added three times and the result is 99. When you consider all this together August will be the final month for the existence of the mankind and in September the destruction of the world will take place says Davis Miday.

But this calculation is incorrect. There were many similar calculations put forward. But none of them materialized space researchers confirmed.

destruction of the world


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