Is she the hottest nurse in the world? : The pictures that have made youths go crazy….

Nurse Lauren Drain

Thanks to the social media, we have got some of the most viral sensations and some real hot faces. Remember the stunning blue-eyed chaiwala from Pakistan who made us go crazy with his looks? The latest favourite of Instagram is a 31-year-old nurse who is being called the ‘hottest nurse in the world’. Lauren Drain who is already an Instagram star has worked for the healthcare industry since she was 16 years old. But what is making her popular now is her athletic body and her racy pictures that she posts for her 3.7 million followers on the social media site.

Lauren has been a cardiac registered nurse for more than 8 years now.

From working in ICUs to working as an incharge in operation theatres, Lauren has taken several roles during her long career.

She is basically from Florida and has a strong passion for healthy living and lifestyle.She believes that a fit and healthy lifestyle is the reason why athletes never fall in serious health crisis during their lifetime.

Lauren is quite popular on Instagram nad has more than 3.7 million followers. She says that after working in the healthcare industry for many years she realised that it was having a negative impact on her health.

She used to feel stressed, unhappy and overworked. It was then that she realised she had to take control of her life.She also wanted to help others who had lost control of their health.

Lauren says that she never thought she will become a fitness model.

She just followed a healthy lifestyle and diet annn now she is blessed with a heavenly body.

In the first bikini show that she participated she was placed 9th out of the 30 competitors. This gave her the motivation and she hired a personal coach. She also started taking part in more and more fitness shows. Now she competes for money in those shows and has a private Instagram account with millions of followers.

Lauren is also a keen traveller and keeps on posting glamorous pictures in beautiful backdrops.



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