Several women indulging in indecent acts found inside a hotel room with drug dealers


In the Nasik city of Maharashtra, India, officials recently busted a sex racket where over 16 people have been arrested. The youngsters were said to be indulging in drugs and alcohol when the neighbours made a complaint with the officials.

According to reports, the bust occurred in a certain rain forest hotel where police officials dressed in casual attire first checked on the site on the basis of a tip-off. Officials soon raided the place and arrested over 16 individuals.

The men who were caught in the racket were reportedly working in a pharma company where they got access to several drugs.

Apart from drugs and alcohol, several packets of condoms were also retrieved from the hotel room.

The party was allegedly organised by a pharmaceutical company in Pune for their dealers.

Among the 16 arrested, 9-10 are said to be drug dealers of the company while the rest were women who were invited to entertain the guests.

A case has now been registered against the company and hotel owners. This however isn’t the first time that a rave/sex party has been busted in Nasik.





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