School girl gang raped for five days

School girl Gang rape Bihar

( School girl Gang rape Bihar )

A shocking case of a gang-rape with a Class XII girl, who was held captive in a flat for five days, has come to light.

Locals of Hanuman Nagar of Bhagalpur in Bihar, India are in the grip of shock after learning of what the 17-year-old endured at an Apartment.

Narrating the sequence of events, the victim told that on November 15 when she was returning to her lodge after her English coaching class, Manish Kumar alias Avinash abducted her by forcibly putting her in the car.

Inside the vehicle, her mouth was covered with a cloth and then they drugged the girl.

When she regained consciousness in the night, the girl found herself in the flat with Manish and five other men. The moment she tried to raise an alarm, the accused men dragged her inside a room of the flat and locked her from outside.

They by then had already smashed her mobile SIM card so the girl could not be traced by anyone through her phone. Then each men took turns to repeatedly rape the schoolgirl after getting her to liquor forcibly.

More shockingly, the victim told that she was also taken for an Intermediate examination by her accused but she couldn’t speak up on her ordeal given how frightened she was.

The men brought her back to the flat and on November 19 one of the accused Sunny, the victim recalled, got drunk and raped her.

When Manish tried to rape her again in a drunk state, he fell and the girl managed to escape while bleeding profusely and somehow informed the security guard of the building who in turn alerted the police.

The schoolgirl was later taken to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital in Bhagalpur and police have registered an FIR against the accused and all six are on the run.



School girl Gang rape Bihar , School girl Gang rape Bihar News


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