Shocking: 4 Girl Students of govt School Commit Suicide in Tamil Nadu

Vellore School Girls Suicide

( Vellore School Girls Suicide )

The suicide incident of four students of a state school in Panappaakkam, Vellore district in India has sent shocking waves across the counrty.

Four girls known as Deepa, Sankari, Manisha and Revathi, who were studying in the 11th grade of the state school have committed suicide by jumping into a 60 feet deep well in Ramavaram.

It has been reported that the bodies of the three students have been recovered by the fire and rescue services officers. But the body of fourth victim Manisha has not been rescued yet.

The police team made their primary inquiries and found that the four girls have gone to this extreme extent after a teacher of their school scolded them and insisted to bring their to the school parents to discuss their academic performance.



Vellore School Girls Suicide , Vellore School Girls Suicide News


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