Cabinet Approves To Handover Hambantota Port to China

Handover Hambantota Port to China, Cabinet approves to handover harbor, Hambantota Port, China takes over Hambantota Port, 99-year lease

Handover Hambantota Port to China

A special Cabinet meeting is headed by the president.

The Cabinet has approved to sign the agreement on to handover Hambantota port to China.

In this regard, the special cabinet meeting will be held today (07) in the official residence of the president.

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“Tamil people has a secret motive”- Gota claims 

Former Defense Minister Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that Tamil people want to form a separate state through power sharing.

He made this statement while participating in an event held in Galle.

He added;

Tamils will never get a solution with the devolution of power,  they talk about devolution of power only to form a separate state.

Majority of Tamils are living in other areas. In such a scenario, how to solve the issues of Tamil by just sharing power only to that region. So, their secret motive is evident through this……..


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