Mysterious fever threatening Mullaitivu!


In Mullaitivu, nine people have died in the past three weeks due to the spread of fever.

Parliamentarian Douglas Devananda said that immediate steps should be taken to review the findings and the measures to prevent this fever spreading.

The letter sent to Health Minister and Cabinet spokesperson Rajitha Senaratne regarding this..

In the letter it is further stated :-

As I have already brought to the attention of the Ministry of Health regarding the increase in dengue patients in the North and the multiple of in the area , now a mysterious fever is reported to have killed nine lives in Mullaitivu.

The death toll in a three-month period is 9 people . Therefore, the immediate steps need to be taken in this regard.

In this dangerous situation in the northern province, due to the lack of functioning of local
representatives in the local councils and the lack of efficiency of the provincial council, there is a need for the central government to address the health situation in the North.

In such a case, it is necessary to take immediate attention to this issue, to diagnose the cause of the disease and to prevent further spread of the disease, and to provide them with medicines , if there is a shortage of medicines, action to bring down the medicine should be taken.



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