Are Maithri and SLFP officially accepting Ealam? Namal MP question

Namal questions LTTE Song Angajan Manifesto

( Namal questions LTTE Song Angajan Manifesto )

Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s Election Manifesto and Candidate Introduction was held in Pilliyar Hotel in Jaffna with a LTTE song.

Former president’s son Namal Rajapaksa, who has been informed by the media in this regard, has made a huge allegation against the government.

By playing LTTE song is that the Sri Lankan Freedom Party Candidate. Does this mean that President Maithripala Sirisena and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party officially support separate Eelam? Namal Rajapaksa questioned on Twitter.

Many people including SLFP MP Angajan Ramanathan participated in the event.

In this situation, the Tamil National Alliance Parliament Member MA Sumanthiran’s half brother Kanthiah Vaidyanathan is contesting in the Karaveddi regional council election under the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.



Gnanasara praises Prabahakaran!


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