No more Mendis Old Arrack in market? : Janayugaya stops printing: More blow to Arjun!

Bond Scam Aloysius Mendis closed
Bond Scam Aloysius Mendis closed

Bond Scam Aloysius Mendis closed

The production activities of W.M.Mendis Company which belongs to the controversial  Perpetual Treasuries suspended, due to the non payment of taxes.

The Excise department has said.

Sources reveal that, the production in the Arrack distillery located in Welisara has come to a stand still.

The Perputal group of companies that belong to Arjun Aloysius, who is allegedly connected to the Central Bank bond scam, has been stopped since last week.

Sources also note that the contracts of the temporary staffs in the W.M.Mendis Company, have been terminated following the suspension.

The routine office work and the delivery of stocks of earlier products are taking place at present.

The suspension the 24 bank accounts connected to the Perpetual were extended by a month recently.

Perpetual Treasuries Limited and its head Arjun Aloysius have been accused in the treasury bond scam.

He was arrested with the CEO of his company, yesterday. They both have now been under remand custody till the 15th of this month

Perpetual Treasuries had been accused of making profits of over 11,145 million through the scam.

The Newspaper of the same group name “Janayugaya” stopped printing two weeks back.

There was a talk in the political circle is that Ada Derana chairman Dilith Jayaweera was in talks with Aloysius in buying the Janayugaya newspaper.

Sirasa and several other media have been reporting that Jayaweera and Aloysius have reached agreement to buy the printing press of the newspaper.


Owner of Perpetual Treasuries Arjun Aloysius arrested



Bond Scam Aloysius Mendis closed , Bond Scam Aloysius Mendis closed News



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