Twist in the ‘Throat-Cut’ saga : President makes an unexpected move!

Throat Cut Military Officer UK

Throat Cut Military Officer UK

On President’s instructions Brigadier Priyanka Fernando (Minister Counsellor) in Sri Lankan High Commission in London resumed duties again.

This information has been revealed by Army Spokesperson.

Brigadier Priyanka Fernando was suspended yesterday following a controversial video of him showing a cut throat gesture towards a group of Tamils, who staged a protest against the Independence day celebration of Sri Lanka, infront if the Sri Lankan High Commission in UK.

However, the decision to suspend was not taken so well by the Majority of Sri Lankan. They had expressed their frustration via social media.

Many had blamed the government and incumbent over the decision of suspension.

In such a scenario, President has taken an unexpected decision to revoke his suspension immediately.

Earlier Update:

Sri Lanka authorities have taken serious note of videos being circulated on web, of an incident involving Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, the Minister Counsellor (Defence) attached to the Sri Lanka High Commission in London behaving in an offensive manner.

In this connection, instructions have been sent to Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner in London today, 6 February 2018, to suspend the Minister Counsellor (Defence) from work, with immediate effect, the Foreign Ministry said.

The Foreign Ministry said that the authorities in Sri Lanka including the Sri Lanka Army will initiate inquiries on the incident immediately


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