‘Throat- Cut’ Priyanka ‘the overnight Hero’ : Cruelty or Patriotism?

Sinhalese welcome Brigadier Priyanka

Social Media Hero Brigadier Priyanka

The Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, who has become a point of attention in the news these days, is gaining huge popularity among large section of Majority.

The Military official who is attached the Sri Lanka’s High Commission in London, came to the spotlight recently for his ‘Cut Throat’ gesture towards a group, which staged a protest against the Independence Day celebration in UK.

After the video, which showed the behaviour of the Brig. Priyanka went viral, Sri Lankan authorities took a serious note of his behavior while in Military uniform, suspended him immediately.

However, President of Sri Lanka took steps to revoke the suspension by Sri Lankan authorities.

The President’s unexpected decision, was welcomed well by the Majority of the Sinhala community, who had already given the Brigadier a ‘Hero’ status.

The Social Media community, reacted happily by changing their profile pictures and sharing posts in support of Priyanka after him being reinstated to the position.

The majority of the Sinhala community allege that those who staged the protest in UK, disgraced the country and Brigadier should be honored for reacting in such a manner.

They note that it is common that anyone, who has love on their mother land, reacting in such a manner, when their land is being disgraced.

However, those who are not ready to accept his gesture, since he is a military official, argue that the Brigadier should be held responsible for a cruel gesture.



Sinhalese welcome Brigadier Priyanka , Sinhalese welcome Brigadier Priyanka News


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