Malaysian football players caught gambling

Malaysian football players caught gambling

Malaysian football players caught gambling

The international media has reported that Malaysian anti-corruption officials have arrested three of the accused in Malaysia’s football gambling

A gambling agent and two players were arrested in this incident.
This gambling incident took place in the second tier league of local teams between Sarawak and Felcra FC which held last week.
Even though, Sarawak team played well and was in lead at a stage which scored 2-0, Felcra FC scored hattrick goals in last 6 minutes and won the set.

Commenting on this issue, the Malaysian Football Association president said, There is no meaning in this competition. It is doubtful if a player could score three goals in the last six minutes.

It is informed, if the crime gets confirmed, the accused will get a seven-year prison sentence for sure.


Strict ‘No’ to Ranil from UPFA!

Ranil UNP Government

UPFA Spokesman State Minister Dilan Perera says UPFA will not support or take part in any government with Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister.

This announcement has come at a crucial time where it is being….

EPDP to support Tamil National Alliance

The results of the local council election that have taken place are now being given an excitement situation to all the political leaders.

In this situation, The Tamil People Democratic Party has decided to support the Tamil National Alliance

In the meanwhile, the EPDP’s high command has been finalized, as nobody is able to form an independent local council.

Can Prime Minister be dismissed by President 

Prime Minister Ranil UNP Leadership

There are several reports being carried out by various media, about the Prime Minister and the present political crisis.

Questions being raised whether PM can be dismissed, many are still unclear about this situation.

Here we look at how a Prime Minister can be dismissed;


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