Monday, June 25, 2018
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Time Sri Lanka is a leading English breaking news provider which caters to the local and global audience. Time Sri Lanka covers Local and International Technology News,  Business Technology News, Tech interviews, Technology Articles, Business Analysis. Latest Technology News It also covers Latest Mobile Phone news, Smart Phones, Tech Gagets, Tech events such as Mobile World Congress, Computer News, Apple Iphone News , Android Updates, Operating Systems, Applie Ios updates, Mac book News, Windows updates, Smartwatches and  Laptops. The site provides special coverage on Mobile Phone Prices and Computer Prices in Sri Lanka. is operated by Prominent Journalist in Sri Lanka and around the world which includes freelance writers, political analysts who work 24*7 around to provide precise and quality content. In addition to the Journalist and Editors, we have large network of reporters around world, who cover the day to day happenings as soon as they happen. The stories are updated immediately after thoroughly confirmed from the credible sources.  The stories are strictly going under quality control process.  Latest Business News